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Manpower Services Consultants have been recruiting CEOs / MDs to lower rank candidates for many employers since 1991. For example, Manpower recruited 26 CEOs in 2012 alone, over 2 CEOs per month plus very many senior executives. Manpower specializes in vacancies paying over Kshs 2 million p.m and down to Kshs 200,000/= p.m. However, Manpower can exercise discretion to recruit candidates earning below Kshs 200,000/= p.m. You can get started by telling us about your hiring needs? Submit your request through the order form below or call us. We are confident that we will be able to help you quickly.

Important Things to Note

  1. Recruitment orders by Employers will prompt Manpower Services staff to source candidates from our massive CVs data bank. This means we could get your candidate within 7-14 days, saving you press advertisement costs and valuable time.
  2. However, if the data bank is inadequate for your type of candidate, we design and place press adverts with your approval. A press advert draws an immediate wider spectrum of candidates, giving you lots of choices. We deliver a shortlist of already interviewed candidates within 10 days of the application’s closing date.
  3. Manpower Services will design the press advert for you free of charge and after your approval, you will pay for the advertisement costs at the Media House where the advert runs prior to the printing date. The costs will depend on the size of the advert as per the Media House guidelines.
  4. Normal Recruitment Fee: Manpower invoices the employer one-month gross salary + VAT for the successful candidate once he/she formally accepts the job offer. Please inform Manpower once the candidate accepts the job offer i.e. within 3 days. The invoice is payable by the client within 30 days of the invoice date and is not to be deducted from the employee salary.
  5. Minimum Recruitment Fee: Manpower’s minimum recruitment fee is Ksh. 50,000 + VAT for junior staff earning at or below Kshs 50,000 per month. However, if the number of such junior candidates exceed 5 in a single client recruitment order, Manpower will allow a 10% discount per candidate recruited by the client out of the specific single order.

Special Recruitment Discount

Manpower Services 30 years recruitment and headhunting network and vast CVs network will provide free quality CVs for your vacancies within 7 days for vacancies paying Kshs 3 Million pm to lesser amounts for CEO to junior staff. You will also get a highly discounted recruitment fee! Manpower has served you for 30 years. Call: +254 720 765 496 FOR YOUR SPECIAL DISCOUNTED RECRUITMENT FEE.


This is a fee payable when Manpower Services has shortlisted, interviewed, and supplied a shortlist of candidates only for the client to freeze or decide to put the recruitment on hold for reasons emanating from the client’s side.

Below KSH 100,000 PM KSH 30,000 + VAT
KSH 100,000 - KSH 200,000 PM KSH 50,000 + VAT
KSH 201,000 - KSH 400,000 PM KSH. 100,000 + VAT
KSH 401,000 - KSH 600,000 PM KSH 140,000 + VAT
OVER KSH 600,000 PM KSH 180,000 + VAT


    Please fill in all the necessary fields below, attach a detailed job description where necessary, and submit it to Manpower Services. Please provide accurate information for us to serve you better.

    Please read the terms of agreement below and accept them by checking the boxes. All the terms are mandatory and must be adhered to throughout your engagement with Manpower Services.