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CV Validators


Incorporated to help employers reduce staff related risks, CV Validators is manned by professional staff including professional investigators who will contact local and international universities, colleges, examining bodies, previous employers and referees to give employers status reports on some or ALL the staff backgrounds. You could be surprised at the results if risky papers are confirmed or you could rest easy if all your staff papers are confirmed okay. Staff related risks & crime are on the rise. Any person presenting fake CVs, fake certificates and testimonials is already an integrity issue.

One major employer advertised 2 internal vacancies in late 2011. They ended up sacking 6 (internal) employee applicants after close scrutiny revealed they had submitted fake papers to get the jobs they already held in the organization.

Ghost Workers

Staff headcount and verification is also offered for cities, parastatals and all large-scale employers to eliminate ghost workers.

Insurance Benefits

CV validation for all staff could help companies negotiate discounted fidelity insurance cover from insurers.


Apart from staff headcount exercise which is public knowledge to the employees concerned, all other validation investigations can be conducted secretly without the alerting existing or incoming staff. The employer just needs to photocopy papers for some or ALL staff and pass them to CV Validators to conduct exhaustive background checks.

It is particularly important that you issue employment offer letters only after background checks have been conducted by CV Validators for incoming staff or the referees and random check on at least one past employer. Alternatively refer recently employed CVs and certificates to CV Validators.

Contact Manpower Services Group (CV Validators Section) or visit us at our offices for a comprehensive and confidential chat.