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Manpower has trained over 60,000 CEOs, Directors and staff on a wide range of topics since inception in 1991 to date. Some of the flagship topics for which Manpower Services is the lead trainer in East Africa include:-
  1. Effective Debt Collection & Credit Control
  2. World Class Customer Care
  3. How to Fight and Win Marketing Wars
  4. Over 20 Non-Monetary Staff Motivators
  5. Managing for Profits (for CEOs, Directors and Key Staff)
  6. How to be a Powerful Negotiator
  7. Successful Selling Through Distributors
  8. Self Organization & Time Management
  9. How to Manage Organization Change
  10. Supervisors Courses
  11. Senior Managers Courses
  12. Customized Solution-Based Courses as per Client Needs


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Incorporated in 1990 with Manpower Services (K) Ltd as the first operating company. Manpower Services (U) Ltd followed and lastly Manpower Services (T) Ltd. The Group Managing Director sits in Nairobi. Each country is headed by a Country General Manager or Country Manager reporting to the Group Managing Director.